Chiropractic Techniques Utilized


Applied Kinesiology (AK) and Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

 Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a system that evaluates structural, chemical and mental aspects of health using manual muscle testing combined with other standard methods of diagnosis.  NET is a somato-psychic (body-mind) stress reduction intervention aimed at physical health improvement.   and is explained in the video to the left.  The full NET website can be found here.  

Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) and Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT)

 CBP® Technique emphasizes optimal posture and spinal alignment as the primary goals of chiropractic care while simultaneously documenting improvements in pain and functional based outcomes.  Mirror-image exercises, traction and adjustments are used to restore the body to optimal alignment.  SOT looks to reduce or eliminate pain and dysfunction in the pelvis, TMJ and spine resulting from twisted or locked patterns.  Utilizing padded pelvic wedges, light cranial touch and the body's inherent CSF pumping mechanism, SOT is both gentle and effective.  

Functional Lab Testing and Nutritional Counseling

Utilizing testing from companies such as Neuroscience, Genova, DiagnosTechs and standard blood panels, we can come up with a plan to balance your system.  Genetic testing can also be helpful in optimizing your health given your genetic tendencies.  Professional grade supplements (which you can order at 10% off  through link) in addition to an individualized dietary plan can set the stage for lifelong vitality.

Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST) and Emotioanal Freedom Technique (EFT)

BEST is a non-forceful, energy balancing, hands-on procedure used to help re-establish the full healing potential of the body.  It is a particularly good option for people with severe compromise who feel very fragile.  Pulse points around the sacrum and occiput are held in sync with the breath.  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), otherwise known as "tapping" is a nice DIY technique that you can learn here and I can also help you with it in the office.

Myofascial Release and Cold Laser (Microlight 830nm)

Myofascial release involves applying gentle, sustained pressure to connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.  The cold laser (otherwise known as low level laser therapy or LLLT) is known to help decrease inflammation and align collagen fibers.  Check out this study from PubMed.